for a cleaner Moor, a safer Moor, a better Moor


Years and years of neglect

  • York stone paving has been removed and replaced with tarmac.
  • A commemorative stone plaque has been removed from Marsden’s Statue.
  • The large bronze effigy representing Industry has been removed from the Victoria Memorial.
  • The statue of a stone lion with a snake beneath its paw has been removed.
  • The Hyde Park Corner tennis courts are unusable.
  • The Moorland Road tennis courts are unusable.
  • The paths are badly rutted.
  • Trees bordering Woodhouse Lane were cut down years ago and never replaced.
  • Tarmac laid on Monument Moor for the Festival of Britain in 1951 has never been removed.
  • There are gaps in the hedge around the allotments.
  • The signage marking the start of the Meanwood Valley Trail needs restoring.
  • The benches near the the gardener’s lodge need restoring.
  • The Trim Trail needs restoring.
  • People are allowed to have illegal barbeques and bonfires.
  • People are allowed to drop tons of litter.